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The Pineapplesoft Link newsletter covered a wide range of technical topics, see the archived issues.
The newsletter was first emailed in 1998. In 2001 Benoît discontinued it in favour of professional writing for magazines.

Web developers, subscribe to Pineapplesoft Link -- a free email magazine. Each month, it discusses technologies, trends and facts of interest to web developers.

  • From Cost Center to Opportunity Center
    December 2000
    IT solutions are the storefront, the factory and the warehouse in the information society. How can you harness them?
  • An Update on XML
    November 2000
    What happened to the core XML since I last wrote about it: some thoughts.
  • Wireless Internet
    October 2000
    A first look at wireless Internet and, more specifically, the WAP specification. WAP is simple but -- so far-- not very powerful. In particular, WAP has limited multimedia support.
  • XSL -- First Step in Learning XML
    September 2000
    I am often asked on which programming language to learn with XML. As I'll explain in this article, XSL might be the answer.
  • Application Servers
    August 2000
    What are application servers? It seems there's a lot of confusion. It seems every vendor has an application server but all do different things. So what is the mythical application server?
  • Old Ideas with a Fresh Twist
    July 2000
    When designing e-commerce solutions, wise developers consult with brick-and-mortars!
  • The XML Economy
    June 2000
    In June, I share my vision on the future of business-to-business e-commerce -- the XML economy.
  • Some Thoughts on XSL
    May 2000
    In the May issue, I revisit XSL, the XML Stylesheet language and reply to several queries I have received.
  • eBooks and ePublishing
    April 2000
    Riding the Bullet, Stephen King's first foray in electronic publishing, was a resounding success. What are eBooks and should you be concerned with them?
    March 2000
    The W3C adopted XHTML 1.0 last month. This issue of Pineapplesoft Link discusses what it changes for you.
  • Recent Developments with Domain Names
    February 2000
    This issue discusses recent developments with domain names, including lower prices and longer names.
  • "XML by Example" is Here
    January 2000
    "XML by Example" was published last month. To celebrate, here is an issue on XML for electronic commerce.
  • Usability for Electronic Shops
    December 1999
    Like in the brick-and-mortars world, a friendly shop online is a successful one. A friendly shop on the Internet is simple to use and works well.
  • Handhelds
    November 1999
    In this article, I argue that handhelds are becoming an important platform. I look at how it has morphed from its origins as a PC companion.
  • Get A Domain
    October 1999
    Given all the problems with free webmail, why not take control of your email address?
  • Shop Failures
    September 1999
    Poor software and improper web site design is costing you money. A recent study found that 39% of shoppers failed to buy because the sites were too complex.
  • XML Tools
    August 1999
    This issue explains how XML is used to produce Pineapplesoft Link. Learn how you could benefit from XML in your environment.
  • Jini
    July 1999
    This issue discusses Jini, the latest offering from Sun. Jini builds on Java but greatly extends it to offer ubiquitous distributed computing.
  • Well Worth Reading
    June 1999
    Software is changing as computer science reaches new levels of maturity. A new book outlines the revolution for us.
  • UML
    May 1999
    The standard design language for the the software industry.
  • Application Servers
    April 1999
    Application servers are the new cornerstone of the web.
  • The Future of Java
    March 1999
    In answer to a reader's question, why I think Java has a future.
  • Email Services
    February 1999
    It's time to tap into the potential of email. Learn why and how.
  • XML Style Sheets
    January 1999
    Style sheets may be the next development environment for Internet applications.
  • Lessons from shareware
    December 1998
    Shareware pioneered e-commerce and there's a huge body of experience, on e-commerce, in the shareware industry.
  • CORBA and Java
    November 1998
    This issue revisits CORBA and concentrates on the relationship between CORBA and Java. Learn how they complement each other.
  • Web Application User Interface
    October 1998
    This issue is about building the right interface for your web site/web application.
  • Beef Up Your Email Strategy
    September 1998
    Now that email is an integral part of so many organizations, it's time to decide on an email strategy.
  • The XML Galaxy
    August 1998
    This articles clears the smoke surrounding XML standards.
  • The Ubiquitous Web Server
    July 1998
    The Internet is doomed to grow dramatically as we put web servers in more devices!
  • Naming the Web
    June 1998
    This article discusses domain names, how it evolved and the new top level domains.
  • Well-formed and Valid XML Documents
    May 1998
    This article explores another facet of XML. XML makes it possible to validate documents against a formal definition. It also supports a weaker form of validation for day-to-day documents.
  • CORBA Basics
    April 1998
    A high-level description of CORBA, skips all the technical details and concentrate on the essence.
  • Rapid Application Development in Java
    March 1998
    Read one experiment of using Borland JBuilder for RAD in Java.
  • What you need to know about XML
    February 1998
    Discover XML, a critical standard for Intranet and Extranet applications. Introduces the XML parser as well.
  • Crossware and 3-tier applications
    January 1998
    Software in the enterprise and the importance of a new client/server model.

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