• RDF and semantic web

    a worldwide brainstorm

    A new training is now available on semantic web and XML/RDF. You can view an excerpt here.

    The complete training covers practical implementation of XML/RDF and builds on numerous exercices, as always from Pineapplesoft.

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Are you looking for an SOA/cloud consultant? You have found it! Working with us is motivating for your team, it keeps you in control and it's rewarding.

For your SOA or web service project, we we specialise in XML, XSL, XML/RDF ontologies, UML, JavaScript, JSON, HTML5, RESTful architecture, Java or related technologies. Obviously this comes with a touch of mobility for iOS or Android.

You've also come to the right place if you need business analysis, architecture and design, methodology, training, project management or simply senior developers. You may want to browse the CVs of our consultants to see how they can help.



Why work with us? First it's motivating: it inspires your team when a consultant bring new ideas, share a rich experience and gives sound, straight answers. Our experience in cloud, SOA, XML, REST, Java, JavaScript and more will help your team solve problems that seemed insurmountable. And that's very motivating.



Second you are in control over the help you need. You may need short or long-term assistance, we provide both. Likewise we can act as technical lead for your team, we can provide more manpower temporarily or you can outsource a project to us entirely. The help is organized around your needs so you remain in control.



Last but not least, it's rewarding. Because we're an independent company, our overhead is low. We focus on providing the service you need at the right price. And since we've been in business since 1996, we are reliable partners. But most importantly it's rewarding because hiring good consultants saves time, tons of time; and time is money.