Benoît Marchal

Consultant, architect


  • Architecture: UML, Use Case, BPMN, ISO 42010, Focus methodology
  • Programming: Java, JavaScript, XSLT, Objective-C, PHP
  • Frameworks: Spring, J2EE, Jena, JQuery
  • Tools: Eclipse, oXygen XML, GIT, Aris, mind map, wiki, Office

Consulting experience

2003 - today — Conseil Supérieur de l'Ordre des Experts-Comptables, Paris
EDIFICAS, French IT competency center for accounting

  • Workshop facilitation, UML analysis, XML design, communication/evangelizing
  • UN/CEFACT coordinator: international standard management, strategy and roadmap, Use Cases

2011 - 2013 — Group S
leading provider of HR services

  • Architecture and technical design (RESTful) of a mobile/desktop front-end for legacy services. Meetings, decision facilitation, methodology for information capture and communication.
  • Train and assist team in migrating from a legacy stack (Cobol, PowerBuilder and Citrix) to a modern one (Java, JavaScript, REST and UML).

2000 - 2010 — European Commission

  • Technical expert for EESSI, an SOA project that helps Member States to coordinate social security at the pan-European level.
  • Conflicting concerns from a large stakeholder base required special effort on information capture, decision facilitation and communication.
  • Also UML and BPMN modelling, XML development, prototyping and writing several calls for tender.

2007 — Isabel
leading service providers to the financial sector

Technical and business design of XML messages that merge accounting and financial information.

2004 — Union Wallonne des Entreprises
professionnal network

Information capture from different stakeholders, preparation of a call for tender.

2001 - 2007 — France Télécom
telecommunication and data network leader

  • Architecture, analysis, design and development of a procurement solution for SMEs. Train team to REST, XSLT and UML.
  • Challenge: reconcile three very different types of stakeholders through the architecture.

2001 - 2006 — Influe
logistics provider

Technical lead for next-generation eBusiness server with XSLT, Java and web services.

2003 - 2005 — Océ/Canon
high-volume digital printers

Design and development of a universal printer driver for MacOS X using web services.

2004 — Région Wallonne
regional administration

XML-based web publishing using XML, XSLT and XSL-FO.

2003 — Alcatel
manufacturer of telecommunication equipment

Publishing server to support the IMAP writing methodology.

1999 - 2000 —
international transaction network

UML modelling (4+1) of use cases, message flows and design of related XML vocabulary.

1998 - 1999 — LCL
network service provider

R&D : rule engine for pan-European VAT calculation.

1997 - 1998 — Synergetics
electronic commerce service provider

Java, UML and XML consultant.

1998 - 2011 — IBM, Netscape, Rational, Pearson, magazines, Déclencheur

Write hundreds of articles, videos and two books.

1997 - today — Training centers, international conferences

Regularly leads IT trainings on XML, OO analysis and SOA.

Employee experience

1994 - 1996 — Assurnet
value-added network for insurance industry

C++ analyst developer, client/server projet. Booch methodology and UML.

1993 - 1994 — SITPRO
public agency active in B2B eCommerce development and EDI

Using CAD/CAM documents and SGML in EDI standards.


2008 - 2009 — Entrepreneurship, Novancia Business School, Paris

1989 - 1994 — Master Degree in Computer Sciences, Namur


  • English: fluent
  • French: mother tongue